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Prehistoric Planet: The Complete Dino Dynasty

: ¥
商品番号 :
カタログ# : BC11374
カテゴリー : NATURE
: 120
: 2003
監督 :
俳優 :
制作国 : USA
CC :
販社 : BBC
字幕 :
言語 : English
ディスク : 1
リージョン : 1
数量   EA

Travel back in time 220 million years and go face to face with the wildest creatures ever to walk the Earth: Dinosaurs! For 155 million years, dinosaurs ruled the world, and Prehistoric Planet's state-of-the-art CGI and digital effects make you an eyewitness to their unbelievable reign. Follow the life span of a herd of giant Diplodocus from birth to adulthood, and watch them grow into the most massive animals ever to roam the planet. Hunt with a pair of Utahraptors as they stalk a herd of Iguanodon. Soar 9,000 miles with Ornithocheirus, a flying giant with a wingspan as big as an airplane. See Coelophysis, Allosaurus, and the king of all Dinosaurs, T-Rex, and watch them battle for survival in a wild and dangerous world, millions of years ago!

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