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Athene and Aphrodite: Wisdom and Love

: ¥
商品番号 :
カタログ# : FH32803
カテゴリー : 古典文学
: 26
: 1995
監督 :
俳優 :
制作国 : USA
CC :
販社 : FFH
字幕 :
言語 :
ディスク : 1
リージョン : ALL
数量   EA

In this program, we discover that Athene sprang full-grown and fully-armed from Zeus’s head, and that Aphrodite emerged from the sea where the physical evidence had landed of Cronus’ castration of Uranus. Also explored are love stories of Aphrodite, the myths of Neritis, Anchises, Pygmalion, and Galatea, the mythological roots of the Trojan War, and the lives of Ares and of Adonis. Athene gives mortals the olive tree, becomes patroness of Attica, and invents the chariot, the potter’s wheel, and the plow. In the Trojan War, Aphrodite favors the Trojans, while Athene uses her wisdom to help the Greeks. Zeus assumes the role of mediator between the goddess of wisdom and the goddess of love. (26 minutes)

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