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ブラジル文学最初の500年 (南米文学の遺産シリーズ)
Brazilian Literature: The First 500 Years

: ¥
商品番号 :
カタログ# : FM35423
カテゴリー : 南米文学
: 48
: 2008
監督 :
俳優 :
制作国 : USA
販社 : FFH
字幕 :
言語 :
ディスク : 1
リージョン : ALL
数量   EA

Unified by the Portuguese language, the literature of Brazil represents the cultural synthesis of three distinct influences: indigenous peoples, European emigres, and Africans brought to the New World as slaves. This program reflects on those influences as it examines the first five centuries of recorded Brazilian writing. With an overview of ancient folklore and verse, the program highlights connections between Brazilian and Baroque traditions; it also studies the importance of Neoclassicism and Romanticism, Realism and Naturalism, and Parnassianism and Symbolism. Works by Claudio Manuel da Costa, Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis, Alberto de Oliveira, Raimundo Correia, Olavo Bilac, Euclides da Cunha, and others are featured. An FFH&S/Tranquilo Production. (48 minutes) Part of the Series : Fire & Ink: The Legacy of Latin American Literature

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