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Shakespeare: Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies

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カタログ# : TC280
カテゴリー : 英米文学
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監督 : Peter Saccio: Dartmout College/Princeton Ph.D
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制作国 : USA
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販社 : Teaching Company
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リージョン : ALL
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36 X 30分

"Professor Saccio goes well beyond merely introducing the plays of Shakespeare in 36 lectures. "First, he locates them in the context of their time and world, suggesting not only what their author might be doing in them but also why. Second, he gives us a solid grasp of each of the major plays in the three genres with a careful look at the critical issues surrounding each. Finally, he shares with us his intimate feel for the characters, their motivations, and the deep-seated passions which drive the play. "Sparkling with excitement, writer and award-winning teacher Peter Saccio converts his vast scholarship to breathing life. Though passion and love of the study never replace careful planning and organization, they permeate each lecture from start to finish, offering the listener an exciting challenge." ?AudioFile? magazine "I have taught and loved Shakespeare for over 30 years and was captivated and stunned by Peter Saccio's eloquence and knowledge of the material." ?Rayna Goldfarb, Philadelphia, PA Shakespeare: Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies introduces the plays of Shakespeare and explains the achievement that makes Shakespeare the leading playwright in Western civilization. The key to that achievement is his "abundance," says Professor Saccio?not only in the number and length of his plays, but also in the variety of experiences they depict, the multitude of actions and characters they contain, the combination of public and private life they deal with, the richness of feelings they express and can provoke in an audience and in readers, and the fullness of language and suggestion.

36 Lectures

    1 Shakespeare Then and Now
    2 The Nature of Shakespeare's Plays
    3Twelfth Night—Shakespearean Comedy
    4Twelfth Night—Malvolio in Love
    5The Taming of the Shrew—Getting Married in the 1590s
    6The Taming of the Shrew—Farce and Romance
    7The Merchant of Venice—Courting the Heiress
    8The Merchant of Venice—Shylock
    9Measure for Measure—Sex in Society
    10Measure for Measure—Justice and Comedy
    11Richard III—Shakespearean History
    12Richard III—The Villain's Career
    13Richard II—The Theory of Kingship
    14Richard II—The Fall of the King
    15Henry IV—All the King's Men
    16Henry IV—The Life of Falstaff
    17Henry V—The Death of Falstaff
    18Henry V—The King Victorious
    19Romeo and Juliet—Shakespearean Tragedy
    20Romeo and Juliet—Public Violence and Private Bliss
    21Troilus and Cressida—Ancient Epic in a New Mode
    22Troilus and Cressida—Heroic Aspirations
    23Julius Caesar—The Matter of Rome
    24Julius Caesar—Heroes of History
    25Hamlet—The Abundance of the Play
    26Hamlet—The Causes of Tragedy
    27Hamlet—The Protestant Hero
    28Othello—The Design of the Tragedy
    29Othello—“O Villainy!”
    30Othello—“The Noble Moor”
    31King Lear—“This Is the Worst”
    32King Lear—Wisdom Through Suffering
    33King Lear—“Then We Go On”
    34Macbeth—“Fair Is Foul”
    35Macbeth—Musing on Murder
    36Macbeth—“Enter Two Murderers”


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