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Shakespeare: The Word and the Action

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カタログ# : TC273
カテゴリー : 文学
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監督 : Peter Saccio: Dartmout College/Princeton Ph.D
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制作国 : USA
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販社 : Teaching Company
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ディスク : 4
リージョン : ALL
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16 X 45分

Shakespeare is the leading playwright, and probably the leading writer, in Western civilization. His works are one of the greatest achievements of the human mind and spirit. And yet, for many of us they remain a closed book. Why? Unready Minds? Missing Notes? Too often, we were force-fed Shakespeare as adolescents?when our own dramas were all-consuming. The language of Shakespeare is 400 years old: even as adults, reading or seeing a play may seem like listening to Beethoven?s Ninth Symphony and missing half the notes. The crowds that filled the Globe to witness his plays in Elizabethan times enjoyed his words easily. Perhaps we?ve forgotten how to listen to his language, and we approach his works unaware of the larger cultural, political, and spiritual context that give them their full, rich meaning. Professor Peter Saccio is well suited to bring you back into Shakespeare?s world, and tune you into what he calls "Shakespeare?s wavelength." The Teacher and His Plan Teaching both as a lecturer and as a trained actor and director, and assisted by two Shakespearean actors, Professor Saccio brings the Bard?s sonnets and plays to life with astute and passionate performances. As you hear him effortlessly deliver Elizabethan language with the proper meter, emphasis, intonation, and emotion, you?ll experience the pleasure that comes with true mastery. Professor Saccio also prepares you to read or watch the plays by orienting you to Shakespeare?s use of multiple plots, lines of action, and the sometimes outmoded forms of human behavior?such as courtship in Elizabethan England?that arise in the plays.


16 Lectures

    1 Shakespeare's Wavelengths
    2The Multiple Actions of A Midsummer Night's Dream
    3The Form of Shakespeare's Sonnets
    4 Love in Shakespeare's Sonnets
    5Love and Artifice in Love's Labor's Lost and Much Ado About Nothing
    6As You Like It
    7The Battles of Henry VI
    8Richard III and the Renaissance
    9History and Family in Henry IV
    10Action in Hamlet
    11Coriolanus—The Hero Alone
    12Change in Antony and Cleopatra
    13The Plot of Cymbeline
    14Nature and Art in The Winter's Tale
    15Three Kinds of Tempest
    16History and Henry VIII


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