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冷血動物 BBC
Life in Cold Blood

: ¥
商品番号 :
カタログ# : BC14686
カテゴリー : 自然
: 285
: 2008
監督 :
俳優 :
制作国 : USA
CC :
販社 : BBC
字幕 :
言語 : English
ディスク : 2
リージョン : 1
数量   EA
Some things must be seen to be believed. This five-part series is one of them. Join celebrated broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough for a remarkable reptile's-eye view of a rarely seen cold-blooded world. See the balletic courtship of saltwater crocodiles, watch as deep-frozen painted turtles return to life, wonder at battles between monstrous giant Japanese salamanders, and the dangerous mating rituals of enormous tortoises. Astounding high-definition photography captures extraordinary and previously unseen behavior in intimate detail. A co-production from the BBC and Animal Planet.
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