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Modern Economic Issues

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カタログ# : TC5610
カテゴリー : 大学講義
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監督 : Robert Whaples: Wake Forest Univ. /Univ. of Penn
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制作国 : USA
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販社 : Teaching Company
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How do the major economic issues that dominate today's news—questions about gross domestic product or budget deficits or trade imbalances—impact the average citizen? Why are health insurance and college tuition increasingly expensive? What can be done about soaring energy prices?


In Modern Economic Issues, Professor Robert Whaples has crafted a course designed to answer just these sorts of questions—a primer in 21st-century economics for the non-economist. He first presents the results of a survey of professional economists around the country on what they consider today's most urgent economic issues—the ones all of us most need to understand. Professor Whaples then puts his award-winning teaching skills to work to shape an accessible course, explaining not only those urgent issues but also the raw data economists use to describe their shape and impact.

The result is a course that finally makes the connection between the economics you may have studied in school and the economics of the lives we experience every day.

For example, how do you make the decisions—big and small—that make up your daily life?

What factors come into play when you're deciding whether to buy this car or that one, or even commute by bus? Mow the lawn or take a nap? Grill a burger with a bubbling slice of cheese or eat a simple salad?

Most economists will tell you that you make decisions on this personal level by acting as what they would call a "rational maximizer," comparing, whether explicitly or implicitly, what you expect to gain from your decision against what you expect to give up.

You weigh comfort and convenience against the rising cost of gasoline. The need to maintain your home's "curb appeal" against your need for sleep in a much-too-busy life. Your raw craving for that burger against the realities of an expanding waistline.

36 Lectures

    1What Economists Know about Economic Policy
    2Economy Up or Down? How to Tell
    3Economists' View of the Future
    4Productivity and Productivity Growth
    5Inflation—Why the Measure Matters
    6Unemployment—A Global Perspective
    7Economic Inequality
    8The Fallacy of Trade Barriers
    9Trade Imbalances and Saving
    10Budget Deficits—Past, Present, and Future
    11Taxes and the Income Tax Code
    12Rx for Social Security
    13Economic Answers for an Aging Population
    14Financing World-class Health Care
    15Supply, Demand, and the Future of Oil
    16Pollution—Tax or Trade?
    17Global Climate Change—Costs and Benefits
    18Minimum Wage and the Poverty Rate
    19It Pays to Be Married
    20Pay Gaps by Sex and Race
    21Economic Impact of Immigration
    22Labor Unions in Contemporary Economics
    23Productivity Trends in Schools
    24Higher Education—Supply and Demand
    25Wal-Mart and Productivity Growth
    26Corporate Governance in a Strong Economy
    27Zero-Sum Game of Conspicuous Consumption
    28Economic Upside of Postal Reforms
    29Is Everything a Commodity?
    30Economics of the Baseball Industry
    31Examining Economic Response to Terrorism
    32Helping Poor Countries
    33Upsides and Downsides of Urban Sprawl
    34Economic Costs and Benefits of Gambling
    35Economists’ View of Overeating
    36American Economy in the 21st Century


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